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AlphaKids Choir

2014 marked the launch of the AlphaKIDS Choir, our children’s choir for the Alpharetta Adventist Church. This choir is geared to children in the Kindergarten, Primary and Junior Sabbath School classes, or kids ages 4-10 years old. We are blessed to have a continuously growing group of young people in our congregation who love the Lord and want to do their part in service to Him. So we invite you to consider registering your child/children to be a part of our choir. See contact information below.

Download AlphaKIDS Choir Registration Form


To give children an opportunity to serve their church. Sabbath School, Vacation Bible School, and other activities minister to children, but joining the Children’s choir gives them a chance to minister to others through music.

To give children an opportunity to take a leadership role in the worship service. It gives them a sense of responsibility for the ministry of the church and helps them identify with the traditional form of worship as they grow to adulthood.

To provide opportunities to build Christian character. A choir is a team with a common goal; the qualities of promptness, self-control, cooperation, and commitment must be developed in choir members if the group is to accomplish its purpose of praising the Lord.

To be a part of the Christian education process. When children sing Scripture, they remember it for a lifetime. Reflecting on the message of the song as they sing instills understanding of spiritual truths and knowledge of God.


  1. Parents/Members must be willing to meet twice a month for group rehearsal. 

  2. Members must be on-time for rehearsals and be in regular attendance. 

  3. Parents/Members must practice musical pieces, outside of group rehearsal times (i.e. daily/weekly basis).

Contact Paige Marsh for more info:

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