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The Alpharetta Church is pleased to announce that our Kid’s Sabbath Schools are back! There are two Children’s Division classes that meet in the Fellowship Hall at 10 am each Sabbath. Ages 12 and under meet on one side, ages 13 and up meet on the other side with a divider between the classes. Social distancing and masks are strongly encouraged for everyone’s safety. Welcome back!

We are happy to have your child attending children’s Sabbath School. It is an important part of their spiritual growth, and we are glad to partner with you in this growth. Very special programs have been created around God’s love for us and our love for God. We encourage you to come to Sabbath School on time so your child will not miss any of the wonderful lessons and activities. Classes begin promptly at 10:00 am and end at 10:50 am.

Cradle Roll (ages 0-3): In the Cradle Roll division, parents and children ages 0-3 years learn together what it means to be a child of God. The class is taught primarily through story and song. This age group loves music and sing about God and the wonderful world He has made. This is a wonderful and effective way to introduce children to the infinite love of Jesus.

Kindergarten (ages 4-K5): The Kindergarten division of Sabbath School is open to all children age 4-Kindergarten. Children are encouraged to participate in the class as they are learning to love Jesus in a very special way. They learn and recite memory verses from the Bible and sing songs that emphasize Jesus love for children. You’ll find them singing Sabbath School songs throughout the week!

Primary (1st-3rd grade): The Primary division of Sabbath School is open to all children in 1st-3rd grades. Teachers guide the students to study the Bible with the purpose of growing a relationship with God. Students take a special interest in the beliefs of the church, learning the books of the Bible, and the Ten Commandments. This is accomplished through music, Bible study, crafts, and activities. You can see from the photo on the right that this class is packed. Come early to get a seat!

Juniors (4th-5th grade): The Juniors division of Sabbath school is open to all students in 4th and 5th grades. They have lively discussions as they continue to build on their knowledge of God, learning to serve Him where they go, and increasing their trust in His leading.

Earliteen (6th-8th grade): Young people in grades 6-8 are assured that God is with them throughout all of life’s changing circumstances. They are encouraged to grow in their faith, and are given tools and methods for personal Bible study. The main goal for the early teen students is to accept Christ as their personal Savior and to help others come to know Him as well.

Youth (9th-12th grade): High school students are invited to attend this class as they deal with and talk about real life situations. They are invited to share their thoughts on topics of discussion. They participate in debriefing exercises as well as sharing illustrations connected to real life scenarios. Youth class students are also encouraged to actively participate during the divine worship service on Youth Sabbaths.

Study Guides

We encourage you to study your child’s lesson with them throughout the week so they come to class prepared to expand on what they’ve learned at home. Lessons are distributed at the start of each quarter and can also be found online.


Cradle Roll:

13th Sabbath Program

Children in Cradle Roll through Juniors classes are given the opportunity to prepare a special program for the adults to share what they’ve learned throughout the quarter. It’s a blessing to see these children show God’s love through song, scripture, and poems–all for His honor and glory. Presentations are done on the last Sabbath of the quarter in place of the children’s story during the divine worship service.


Many parents ask, “When is a good time to move my child to the next department?” “Do we move when our child has a birthday?”


  • Cradle Roll: Promotions take place two times a year for this age group – once at the end of June, and again at the end of December. Children will be promoted at the next promotion following their fourth birthday.

  • Kindergarten-Earliteen: Promotions are done by grade level once a year on the last Sabbath in June. The “rule of thumb” procedure is for parents to keep their children in the same department for the year so they become part of a consistent nurture group. This procedure is in place to keep things somewhat organized and flowing smoothly. We feel it is important for children and parents as well, to establish relationships with a group that they will be with for many years.

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