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Alpharetta Men’s Ministries includes monthly meetings for Bible study, fellowship, and more. We seek to unite men to become men of God—encouraging them to commit to a lifetime with Jesus Christ, their families and to each other. This mission is evidenced by men actively engaging each other in prayer, devotion and fellowship. Our goal is to be disciples to other men and encourage them to develop personal strength through God.

Hangout on Zoom (discontinued)

This is OUR time to convene, keep in touch and share thoughts on topics of interest. Each Sabbath afternoon at 3 pm as scheduled, will be a Zoom Hangout or Men’s Ministry Presentation to edify one another, maintain a spiritual connection with the Lord, and stay abreast of current events. Please refer to the church’s calendar on the website for scheduling. Contact Courtney Duncan at 201-443-5604 for login info.

Monthly Lunch & Devotional (on hold)

Please bring your own sandwiches for a picnic style luncheon. Chips and cold drinks will be provided. Every man in the church is invited for an inspirational devotion and fellowship


Courtney Duncan: 201-443-5604 or

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